At its core, photography documents moments, whether the image is a landscape, still-life, portrait, or street/event photographs. Photos will evoke emotions ranging from pleasure, to the viewers finding certain scenes disturbing. 

(Un)social media encourages most people to exaggerate their everyday lives, with the postings of the most pleasant, happy images of themselves, friends, family and events. Keeping up with - or going beyond - the Jones is part of our lesser evolved human condition. I’ve often been sucked into that dynamic. 

Photography is a process, regardless of the genres one engages in. Life, too. 

I’m reluctant to post much about the life crisis I and my Mother are facing at this stage of our lives. Do people need to know? There is no correct answer to that question. 

For all the positive steps Mom and I have experienced in this health crisis, I cannot NOT document this process, both good and not-so-good. Mom is no shrinking violet, never has been, and has not shrunk away from my taking photos of these recent events in our lives. 

We can smile for the selfies, rave about great attitudes, talk about progress, but none of that is valid without the reality of the flip-side of those moments….like the simple process of trimming toe nails. 

While these types of images may evoke visceral reactions that aren’t what many expect to see on (un)social media, they are real, they bring us around to our daily struggles on this journey, and they are necessary in life’s endeavor to remain grounded.