November 13, 2022

When the simplest of tasks become difficult ordeals, one questions the notions of “in our image” or “it’s god’s plan.” During the course of our lives and throughout our varied careers, failure is not part of any stated plan or undertaking. Engineers don’t plan for bridges to collapse when in use, nor do they plan for buildings to implode when the first person steps inside.

The two philosophical mantras above were designed, perhaps, to prevent us from abdicating all effort required for productive living. We are simultaneously responsible for our “images” and “the plan”. It’s not for the faint of heart, nor is there anything outwardly divine about it. Many will disagree, based on centuries of rote religious repetition, but divinity is what we create or make of our human condition.


October 26, 2022

Being physical is, itself, a barrier in many realms. We stand behind them to eat, work, play. Barriers also define the parameters of how we worship, and when, and to whom. Follow the lead; conform to the signs. It’s the way of antiquity. .” -RBB

Wong Tai Sin Temple. Hong Kong, 2005.

Nikon FE 35mm. Vintage edit in VintageScene FX.